Our Family

Our Family

Monday, September 21, 2009

Leader of the Pack!

Every monday I go help in Braxton's class. When the kids are finished with their assigned work, they are allowed free time in the classroom. This is what I overheard today....
Braxton(to the kids that were done with their work: "Everyone listen up, I need 2 people. 1 to sit by me, and 1 to rub my shoulders. Who wants to help me"
I looked over and saw all the little kids' hands in the air, saying..."PICK ME"
Braxton: "Jaida, you can sit by me, and Ethan you can rub my shoulders"
By this time I was rolling over laughing.
After a few minutes...Braxton says, "Switch" and 2 more people took their place.
Let me just remind you...HE is ONLY in KINDERGARTEN!
Ross is proud...he says"My son is KING of the class!"
After rolling over with laughter, and repeating the story to my family, I can only keep thinking...Where is this going? and HOW many phone calls are we going to get!
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Aunt Tiff said...

WOOHOO!!!! You updated your blog...keep it up!! LOVE LOVE LOVe the story...I am laughing SO hard. ONLY BRAXTON!!!

Miss Marie said...

hahahaha. I miss you guys, and that is too funny.. Braxton is hilarious!

Shawna said...

Nice to hear from you! I can so see that happeneing. He is such a funny kid.

The Lowes said...

Whohoo a new post! I can't believe Braxton. That kid cracks me up. He is going to be quite the teenager. Look out Tiff & Ross! :)

Christine. said...

haha, what a guy!!! :-) I LOVE BRAXTON, he is so stinking cute! Keep up with the blogging Tiff. Miss ya, tell your family Titine says hi ;-)

Andalynn said...

Its about time! Love it! Im sure You have many more stories to tell! That is hillariuos I couldnt stop laughing! Only Braxton! He is quite the class clown I am sure!

charmort said...

That is great!!! I can't even IMAGINE!!! What a character! I was laughing so much, Ty was staring at me, wondering what the heck is going on!

Don Bowles Blog said...

That's so funny! You're in big trouble when he gets into Jr. High and High School. Keep posting for us.

Cathy said...

Hi Tiffani!! From Charlayne's blog I came of to check out your blog! What a precious family you all! ALL BOYS! The are so cute!! So fun to glimpse into your life! Loved it! Especially the camping pictures!! Great job!