Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happenings at the Owens home

Ok so this week has been crazy at the Owens home, when is it not though. First of all Stetson cries so hard he passes out and it scares me soooooooo bad, Im not used to this yet. Im so glad I have had Elisa around everytime he does it so that she can calm him down enough to breathe and calm me down too. Not very fun!!!! Then Braxton is riding his bike and slid in the rain and the bike fell and cut him in between is two toes and probably needed stitches but I didnt take him in, I am hoping that taping it and cleaning it will heal it and he will be fine. Last but not least, Ross has lost his glasses AGAIN. I say again because this is no joke he has lost or broken his glasses 5 times in a year, tell me how if he is wearing them like hes supposed to how he can lose them??? Who knows but we are searching the house Hi and Low before we call to replace them. If I know me as soon as I call and order new ones, the glasses will show up right where I looked for them. So Ross does'nt have his glasses right now, so watch out for him on the road. JUST KIDDING, hes not that blind yet.

Summer Days

We have had lots of fun this summer, from playing with friends to just relaxing on the farm and swimming with cousins at grandmas house. Caden and Braxton both learned to swim while there, and I found out I have a daredevil who will try anything. (Kyson) my two year old. I could hardly watch him in the pool, he would scare me so bad. I about jumped in twice and wouldve been really mad if I did, as he sat back just laughing. Little stinker!!!! Stetson is FINALLY walking, he still stumbles but I think he has it down pretty good now. Devon is my big fish, he wouldve stayed in the pool all day if I let him. Luckily he never got fried.

Long Overdue

Yes, the time has come. I'm writing a post. One step at a time! : )