Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Camping with my Family

This Summer we went camping with my family. We had
Kayaks, 4Wheelers, Smores, Dutch Oven Cooking, Crafts,
and lots of Fun! Camping is an Annual Tradition for us, and
we love the memmories that are made. My boys LOVE, LOVE,
to be outdoors, sleep in a tent, and get as dirty as possible.
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The Lowes said...

Looks like lots of fun for the Owens Family! Thanks for posting Tiff!

Stebinger Family said...

Hey Tiff! I hope you don't mind I saw your blog on Charlayne's and couldn't resist. I CANNOT believe you have FIVE boys! How crazy! I think we're headed in the same direction only with girls...we're at 3 so far! Anyway, you're family is adorable and it's so fun to see pictures of ALL of the Baums. If you're interested in seeing my blog (I decided to go private) email me at stebingers@comcast.net and I'll send you and invite. (It has to be whatever email you use for your blogger/google account.)
So fun to catch up!

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